I Made a Mess

On purpose.

But then I cleaned it up.

Top after flattening. All cleaned up.

There were several nail holes, gashes, splits, loose knots that needed some attention. I chose to fill those imperfections with some epoxy tinted to a solid black. The table will be dyed a very dark brown, so I think these black bits will look good, and hopefully natural, with a final finish on.

I used G2 Epoxy tinted to black with pigment from Curry’s, and thickened with regular wheat flour from the kitchen. It was a nice pasty consistency and as black as black can be.

Planing off the the epoxy left on the surface was about as hard as I thought it would be. A sharp iron cut right through without much problem, but the epoxy dulled it down pretty quick. After close to10 sharpenings I was done. I hadn’t flattened the top at all before this, so I cleaned up the epoxy and flattened the top all at once.

Hair line split and nail hole filled

Before all this epoxy craziness, i patched some of the uglier gashes with some new little pieces.

The top is done for now. Once everything else is done, I’ll give it a light sanding and ease the corners, then it will be ready for finish.

I’m ready to work on the base now. I’ll cut the legs and aprons to rough size and surface them next.

I’m hoping to have this completely done by the end of August. I *think* I’m on track.


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