Shelf and Some Other Stuff


Wow, look at those cobwebs around the windows. I swear it doesn’t look that bad in person.

I was hoping that I’d be into finishing by now, but there are still the drawers and the top to do.  I’m into the home stretch at least.  I would like to have this done and out of the shop by the end of January, but realistically, it likely won’t be finished until some time in February.

There is a ton of joinery in this little table. Tables with drawers always require a little more work because the upper and lower dividers that contain the drawers are a bit funky. The top divider dovetails into the leg and an upper doubler, and the lower divider has a double tenon into the leg and the lower doubler.  Then there is the center partition that connects to the dividers with a rabbeted dovetail.

Partition almost in.

Partition almost in.

Partition in!

Partition in!

The lower shelf is bit complicated as well. It sits flush with the front stretcher and rides over the rear stretcher.  The rear stretcher is narrower than the front stretcher by the thickness of the shelf.  The shelf is also let into the legs by a little more than 1/8″. I’ll glue the shelf to the front stretcher and let the back move with seasonal changes. I may add some cleats below to sturdy things up on the ends, but probably not. It seems pretty sturdy right now, just dry fit.

Bit of a jigsaw puzzle, but it comes together.

Bit of a jigsaw puzzle, but it comes together. 

Pretty happy with this.

Pretty happy with this. 

The glue up should be fun, since i’m going to have to assemble all of this in one go and it is a bit of a jigsaw puzzle with the way the lower shelf is let into the legs.  It looks very neat and tidy when it comes together so it will all be worthwhile.

I started milling for the top, but I’m a board short. I had a nice 10″ wide board that should have made up the top. I ended up milling into some sapwood and a knot, so i’m going to need an extra board.  It will be a 3 board glue up to make up 18″.  There will be breadboard ends as well.

Instead of working on the top, I think I’ll get all the drawer guts (runners, kickers, ledgers) built in then glue this sucker up.


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