Some Leg Work

What a cheesy title.

As per this post, I decided to hog out these mortises with a mortise chisel instead of a router. I removed most of the waste with a slightly undersized drill bit and used the mortise chisel for the rest. The chisel scrapes away a pretty clean mortise wall as you hog out the waste.

These are the legs. The mortises will receive the tenons from the rails on the ends of the table.  I ran a stopped dado to receive the end panels before mortising anything.

Next up are the rails and stiles that make up the ends of the table…

Stock for the rails, stiles, and panels


Don’t Like Routers Anymore

A little more progress. The legs and aprons have been surfaced and cut to final size.  The mortises are cut into the hefty legs, and the tenons are rough cut on the aprons.

I used a router to cut out the mortises. That’s my usual method, but I won’t be doing that anymore. I’ve finally come to the conclusion that it just isn’t much fun doing it that way. I’m going to buy a mortise chisel and start hogging them out by hand. By the time I square up the corners of a routed mortise, I’m left wondering if i could have done the whole thing faster by hand. Routers are noisy, kick dust up everywhere, like to slip offline and ruin your work, and have been known to occasionally bite you. If I have to do a crazy number of mortises in a future project then i’ll consider buying a powered mortiser, but until then i’m going hand powered.

I have to cut the tenons to width, then fit each one. I think I’ll also add some sort of detail to the bottom of each apron.  Then I’ll be ready to assemble and start to finish.