End Assemblies

The joinery on the table ends is now complete.  12 mortise and tenon joints down, 8 to go.  The  top and bottom stretchers on the front and back will be mortise and tenoned into the legs as well.

I still have to fit the panels in (two panels on each end), but the ends are close to done now.

Before I can add the panels, i’ll have to cut the curve on each side of the center stile. I’m going to create a little MDF template to make that easy. The panel and the rabbet on the panel will have to match the curve of the stile, so creating a template here makes sense to me.  The rabbeted side of the panel will face in and the “flat” side will face out.  If the rabbet on the panel isn’t perfect – i’m mostly concerned about the curved portion – at least you won’t see it unless you put your head under the table.

If you use your imagination, you can kind of see the table coming together:

End assemblies. Leg horns and all

Just try to ignore the leg “horns”, which will be cut off after glue-up, and picture drawers and stuff in between. And a table top. And a lower shelf. And…  OK, maybe I still have a lot to do.